Monday, December 26, 2005

Thank you

I'd like to thank you for having patience (obviously I'm speaking to those who did) while I find time and and internet connection to finally finish up my draft. I'd just like to mention that I didn't dissapear into thin air... although I'm sure some wish I would.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The response to the Pro-Slifkin

Before I jump into this fray, I want it to be known that while I'm new to the world of blogging, I am by no means new to message boards and the internet. As a matter of fact, just to drill in the point, I became a blogger for the sole purpose of replying to these kinds of blogs about the whole book contreversy. I'd like to make a few points clear with everyone. I'm not trying to take control of this blog, of course, but I do want to make some very important points.

First of all, I'm against the books. Now that that's said, I can get going.

In response to R' Elyashuv not having a clue what in the world was going on, check this out:

It may take a while to download, especially if you have dial-up, but it's basically a letter from R' Elyashuv saying that he himself is behind it. I plan on adding more files to this site:

like the original ban, etc.

Also, no matter whether you are for the books or not, whether you read them or not, how can anyone in this blog, including me, even think of saying anything against the Gedolim. Not only R’ Elyashuv etc. Any of them. Do you have a clue what heights they’re on? Are you unable to sleep because you can’t understand a piece of gemora? For that matter, how many people have actually opened up a peirush because you had a question? How hard is it for you to stay up and learn Shavuos night? Do you have to get up every two minutes, get a coffee, stretch, etc.? Are you constantly glancing at your watch or wall clock, wishing the night were over already? Can you imagine the pain of not understanding a Tosefos, of not being able to figure out a s’teera (contradiction) in a Rambam? Have you ever learnt 2 hours into the night once? Even once? Can you imagine the mesiras nefesh it would take you to make up 3 ½ hours of learning you missed because you were at a Chasuna? And yet these gedolim don’t learn 2 hours into the night, one nigh, or even one week. I can almost guarantee you that every single Rav/Godol/Rosh Yeshiva, whatever, has learned a minimum, a minimum, of 5 hours a night. And not for one night, not for a month, and not for a year. I can almost guarantee you that they have been doing this for over 15-20 years. And if they’re not that old, then adjust the numbers accordingly. But the point is that they’re on levels you’ve probably never dreamed of, and you DARE argue with them, as if you’re on they’re level!?!?!? We (yes, I include myself) aren’t even worthy of saying or writing their name. Yet you dare criticize them. Are you out of your mind??? You start crying over lack of knowledge on a Rashba (a Talmud commentator), you start learning over 15 ours every day, then maybe, MAYBE, you can try to disagree with them. MAYBE. But to say that they don’t know what they’re talking about, that “The rabbonim who pushed for this ban are minor figures who only got major players involved because of politics.” ( Or such remarks. Are you out of your mind? Are you crazy? You think you know the thought process behind every single action Rav Elyashuv does? What Rav Kaminetzky does? All I can say is, take a step back. Remember who and where you are on the spectrum of holiness in this world.

I apologize if that was too long or too harsh for some people. On second thought, I take that back. I apologize if some people weren’t able to handle that. I’m not as “hot-headed” as you think, I just was so “pumped-up” by what I saw here, I just felt the need to “speak” my mind. Like I said, I specifically joined the ranks of Google’s Bloggers just so that it can be known who I am, and you can respond to me directly, not to “anonymous” who may be different each time. For that matter, feel free to e-mail me at I’m open to comments. Thank you for your time (if you actually read this whole thing, thank you).